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The project identification phase for the INTERTECH4.0 project incubator is in progress.

DIHGIGAL works, together with the other partners of the INTERTECH4.0 project consortium, in the search and identification of existing success stories in the industrial ecosystem of Galicia. These good practices will become part of the examples that will be shown in the incubator of collaborative projects in digital transformation and innovative projects.

This task includes the creation of a funding map that will show the public aid available, both free and paid, for this type of initiatives that seek to prosper in the industry by expanding or growing into the strategic markets that already exist. In addition, work is underway to organise an advisory service to effectively manage this portfolio of projects within the incubator.

This project is supported by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism through the aid for the Support of Innovative Business Groups (AEI), in which DIHGIGAL, CEAGA, CLUSAGA, ACLUNAGA, Cluster TIC, Pisa – Proyectos de InnovaciĆ³n and TripleAlpha participate.