Take advantage of the opportunity to get financing for your company!

What is the PADIH program?

Who is beneficiary?

SMEs, validly constituted, with their own legal personality and tax domicile in Spain.

What does the financing consist of?

It consists of services that facilitate the adoption of disruptive digitalization solutions.


The purpose of the aid is to promote innovation in SMEs through the European EDIH programme.

To this end, innovation and the adoption of disruptive digital technologies by SMEs in any productive sector will be promoted, financing the provision of services by DIHGIGAL to the SMEs that benefit from the aid.


From 01/30/2023 9:00 a.m. and until 09/30/2025 11:59 p.m. or end of budget.

Award criterio

NON-competitive mode of attendance, in order of submission of applications, once checks of compliance with the required requirements have been carried out until the budgetary credit assigned in the call is exhausted (€16.645.528,00).

Aid intensity

One or more services may be contracted with an intensity of 100% up to €30.000,00 or the maximum amount of each action group