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Digital transformation is not an option, it is a reality. Drive the digitalisation of your company.

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Would you like to introduce a new technology? We advise you
  • Sherpa Digital: Personalized advice on the Digital Transformation Plan
  • Diagnosis and roadmap in Cybersecurity
  • Diagnosis and roadmap in Sustainability
  • Diagnosis and roadmap in digital marketing
  • Diagnosis and roadmap in skills 4.0
  • Diagnostics and roadmap in Data Sovereignty and Governance
  • Self-diagnosis in Digital Transformation
  • Digital Transformation Benchmanager
  • Analysis of the technical, commercial or social viability of demonstrators, pilots and prototypes.
  • Technology Demonstrators, Pilots and Prototypes (AI, HPC…)
  • Development of solutions in Digital Transformation
  • Resources/Infrastructure/HPC Consulting
  • Cloud Computing Resources/Consulting
  • Resources/Big Data Consulting
  • Intellectual property advice
  • Industry 5.0 training
  • PhD and interns
  • Support in seeking financing for regional, national and European funding opportunities.
  • Networking and awareness-raising activities

Consult the services subsidised at 100%.

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