DIHGIGAL and Agata Technology’s proposal selected by DIHWorld among the 28 best innovative projects at European level

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11 November 2021
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This new project is another example of support to Galician SMEs in the generation of new digital transformation solutions.

The European network DIHWorld has recently made public the 28 innovative experiments selected in the first open call of the project, involving 56 organisations from Southern and Eastern European countries that integrate advanced digital technologies in their processes, products and services. Among those selected, the experiment promoted by the Galician industrial hub and Ágata Technology stands out.

The selected initiative consists of improving the capabilities of the Agata Technology platform with the inclusion of an intelligent system for the control of personal protective equipment in industrial environments. The objective is to contribute to a situation of zero accidents related to the safety of workers in industrial and logistics environments.

This project is a clear example of DIHGIGAL’s services, where an ICT company finds the right space and funding for the development of a specific solution with direct implementation in the market. A solution whose transversality to other industrial sectors will be guaranteed by the hub’s own ecosystem. And a solution that is already born with a marked international character as it is generated within a network of partners that covers 26 European countries. Ágata Technology is a digital product and R&D and innovation company based on an innovative model that uses the technology available at all times to bring efficiency and profitability to people and organisations. Through a software platform, it enables the digitalisation, optimisation and automation of business processes, putting technology at the service of people. Agata integrates all the processes and services of an organisation into a single technological environment, allowing it to be managed in a simple, efficient, sustainable and secure way.


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