Introducing INTERTECH 4.0 Stage II platform

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19 December 2022

“Cross-sector platform for 4.0 solutions and incubator for digitization projects”.


📣🆕 Today we present INTERTECH 4.0, one of the projects we have underway:

INTERTECH 4.0 aims to create a collaborative platform💻 that drives companies in their digitization process, from the diagnosis and roadmap🗺 of the digital transformation plan to the supply-demand connection and support👬.

This cross-cutting and intersectoral project aims to improve the competitiveness of the Galician manufacturing industry ⬆⬆⬆.

INTERTECH 4.0 has a budget of € 302,149.00 and is funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in the framework of the #AEIs

The entities that accompany DIHGIGAL in the consortium of this project are the Food Cluster of Galicia (CLUSAGA) and the Cluster of Automotive Companies (CEAGA), as representatives of the industrial sector, entities registered in the Register of AEIs. Four SMEs join these clusters, thus completing the consortium, one of them recently created, focused especially on the development of the INTERTECH platform, participating INOVALABS, DIGITAL S.L , IMATIA INNOVATION S.L. and BIONIX SUPPLYCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES S.L.U. The action will also count as demonstrator of a technological solution hosted on the platform, SELMARK S.L.U.

This is one of the most important projects of the IHL, as it will be one of the most powerful and versatile tools to positively and effectively increase the interaction between technological supply and industrial demand in Galicia, thus enhancing the digitization of the ecosystem.


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