ITG becomes a new member of DIHGIGAL

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22 February 2021
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The Galicia Institute of Technology (ITG) joins the Industrial Digital Innovation Hub of the Galician Industry by becoming a member of the Hub and thus becoming part of the Technology Offer Commission.

This technology centre is dedicated to R&D activities and focuses on artificial vision and intelligence, industrial IoT and process simulation, as well as working on R&D activities related to the aeronautical sector and U-space services. Therefore, its participation in DIHGIGAL will be a great collaboration for industrial development initiatives in Galicia in specific development areas.

The ITG has been recognised by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Government of Spain as a national technology centre with more than 30 years of experience in research and implementation of technologies. They have various technological solutions that touch different areas: monitoring and control of production processes through its Flythings platform, energy optimisation for companies and public and private entities, big data analytics services, technologies for civil use of drones, among others.

ITG is also a member of several national and regional associations and technology platforms, such as VINDEIRA (Galician ICT Technology Platform), RICAI (Iberian Network of Innovation Support Centres) and FEGEVA (Spanish Federation of Value Management), of which it is a founding member, so that its membership extends the Hub’s networks of connection with other entities.

From DIHGIGAL we welcome ITG as a fundamental element to achieve our goal: to boost the digital transformation of Galician companies.


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