The R&D and innovative projects aligned with DIHGIGAL’s challenges mobilise more than 7 million euros.

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14 October 2021
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8 of the 11 projects approved in GAIN’s Conecta Hubs call are industrial projects aligned with DIHGIGAL’s challenges, which have mobilised more than 7 million euros. These 8 projects involve 30 companies that have obtained 4.2 million euros in subsidies, reaching aid intensities of 80%.

Among the challenges associated with the projects, those linked to Challenge 1 People and, specifically, those related to “Decision-making” stand out as the most represented field, although there are also projects related to other DIHGIGAL challenges such as logistics, integrated management of the value chain or automation and advanced robotisation.

DIHGIGAL, as part of its work to connect technological supply and demand, has already organised two conferences focused on the promotion of R&D&I projects. One of them was held in November 2020 with the participation of companies from four sectors and entities such as GAIN, CESGA, ICT Cluster, ITG and the Universities of Vigo and Coruña, where they were able to share their experiences in the management of this type of projects. The second session held in April focused on the Conecta Hubs.

The Conecta Hubs programme links with DIHGIGAL’s main areas of work to mobilise public and private agents, infrastructure and financial resources. For this reason, we would like to congratulate the 19 member companies that have received the grants and remind them that they have the rest of our services at their disposal to continue advancing in their digital transformation.

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