SARATROF Project #ConectaHubs

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2 May 2023

“Analytical System for the Aggregate Performance of Workers and Robots in Manufacturing Operations, innovative project that seeks to improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations in the manufacturing industry “

By characterizing the performance of factories in an aggregated way, considering the behavior of robots, machines, IT systems and workers.

Thanks to this unique analytical tool, it is possible to detect potential cross-interactions between different factory resources 🕵️‍♀️👨‍💻, identify bottlenecks and potential improvements, and anticipate and prevent productivity issues🚀💻.

🧐The SARATROF project has implemented a meta-platform for the integration and automation of data analysis processes📊 processes from different platforms, allowing the sharing of data from different silos and developing the data science and analytics needed to calculate cross-platform insights🤝.

The project has been developed with the collaboration🤝of different companies💼:
💠 Ancora: Has as main responsibility to connect the worker with the plant operations management systems.
💠 Situm: Its main responsibility is to obtain the location of the worker in the plant.
💠 Ledisson AIT: Has as main responsibility the monitoring of the machines.
💠 EDNON: Has as main responsibility the deployment of an advanced analytics metaplatform.
💠 BETA Implants: Pilot company where the various 4.0 technologies have been implemented.

👍SARATROF is an innovative tool that enables the manufacturing industry to overcome the challenges presented by information management and make the most of the opportunities provided by Industry 4.0🌟.

Finally, it is important to note that this project is part of the call  #ConectaHubs of the Axencia Galega de Innovación, which aims to promote cooperation between companies and research centers to encourage the development of innovative projects with a high potential for economic and social impact🤝💡.

Find out how it can improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operations🔧!


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