SLP4P Project #ConectaHubs

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4 May 2023

“Smart Lean Platform 4.0 People”

What is it?🤔

It is a platform that seeks to integrate Lean Manufacturing tools and methods with Industry 4.0 technologies, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the industrial internet of things💻, creating an intelligent platform that promotes continuous improvement in organizations, increasing the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment.

And how does it achieve this?🔍
The #SLP4P platform combines data capture, storage, analysis and visualization with artificial intelligence🤖 to generate knowledge, recommendations and learning in real time. In addition, augmented reality technology makes it possible to digitize continuous improvement📈 and provide an optimal user experience, focusing on people and skills development.

🤝The project led by Inova | Consultoría Tecnológica and its consortium, integrated by TI Fluid SystemsXOIA Extending Reality – AR and VR y Meifus Industrial, meets the objectives of the call #ConectaHubs of Axencia Galega de Innovación by addressing relevant technological challenges and having as its purpose the development of digital tools that allow improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the Galician industrial sector.

Also, being aligned with the #RIS3 Strategy, the challenges of #DIHGIGAL and the European Digital Program, this project has a positive impact on the innovative ecosystem ofe #Galicia and contributes to position the region as a benchmark in the field of industrial digitization.

🎉Congratulations to the consortium for this great project!👏

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