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19 May 2023

Industry 4.0 Digitalisation Projects – IG240

During the IG240 Project Presentation Day, César Lorente gave us all the details about the digitalization project that F. Gómez y Cía, S.L.. . is carrying out🚀.

F. Gómez y Cía is a leading Galician construction company founded in 1958, with a solid integration in the construction value chain. However, they were facing a challenge in the expeditions of their aggregates and asphalt production centers. With approximately 40,000 shipments per year, data management was becoming complicated due to storage in local archives and the need to maintain paper copies. In addition, the lack of real-time access and possible bottlenecks at the scales caused delays and affected operational efficiency📦📊.

To address these problems, they have implemented a two-part solution. First, locally installed dispatch software has been introduced that regularly updates data in the cloud. This has made it possible to integrate and centralize all the information from the scales, facilitating remote access to data and improving real-time availability. On the other hand, they have implemented an autonomous weighing system on the scales, equipped with cameras to automatically read license plates and use QR codes to store the data of each shipment. This solution has enabled them to reduce dispatch times, especially in the case of repetitive dispatches, thus optimizing operational efficiency🌐📸.

✅ The project has achieved several significant milestones, from the design of the solution and the search for suppliers, to the implementation and start-up. The results have been very relevant: access to shipping information has been improved at all levels of the company, the shipping process has been accelerated, paper consumption has been reduced by eliminating hard copies, the time spent by scale personnel has been optimized, and data communication with customers has been strengthened.📈.

🤝It is important to highlight that this project has been co-financed byl IGAPE – Galician Institute for Economic Promotion, the Xunta de Galicia and the European Regional Development Fund, as part of the 2014-2020 operational program.💰

We can’t wait to see the benefits this solution will bring to F. Gómez y Cía and the entire construction industry! 🌟 Don’t miss the video to learn more about the project! 👷‍♀️🚀

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